Winemaker : Franck Faugier

Appellations :

  • AOP Crozes-Hermitage
  • AOP Condrieu
  • AOP Hermitage

Surface : 17 hectares 

  • 15 ha of Crozes-Hermitage (including 1ha of white wine)
  • 1.5 ha of red Saint-Joseph
  • 0.5 ha of Saint-Péray

Terroir : Alpine diluvium

Type of agriculture : Organic 


The vineyard

The "Domaine des Hauts Châssis" is located in the south of the Crozes-Hermitage appellation. The surface of the estate is 17 hectares.

Franck Faugier took over the family destate and has been vinifying since 2003. "From the vine to the cellar, it is the respect of the fruit and of the vine that we support : work of the ground, supervised control, grape harvest in green, manual stripping, manual grape harvest, picking off, treading during the wine making, and a controlled maturing in order to offer you all the pleasure of the fruit and the complexity of the Syrah."



AOP Crozes-Hermitage

Gold colour with green and copper-pink lightsMore informations


AOP Crozes-Hermitage

Limpid aspect, deep purple and violet colour with black and garnet-red reflections. Spicy on the nose and light reductant : black violet, zan, curcuma, black fruits, prune with alcohol, blackcurrant.More informations

Les Galets

AOP Crozes-Hermitage

Limpid aspect, deep crimson purple and violet colour; expressive nose, spicy, fruity and crystallized: vanilla, and havana, cocoa, zan, black cherry, morello cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry.More informations

Les Châssis

AOP Crozes-Hermitage

Limpid aspect, crimson purple colour with mauve reflections. Elegant, crystallized and spicy on the nose : violet, mocha coffee and Havana, cocoa and nutmeg, black cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry, game. More informations


AOP Condrieu

More informations

Hermitage Blanc

AOP Hermitage

More informations

Hermitage Rouge

AOP Hermitage

More informations